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So, you’ve been thinking about writing a book, but the task seems daunting, publishing lingo is intimidating, and your inner critic is hissing:  ‘Who Do You Think You Are - Brené Brown?’ 

We will help you know confidently and realistically if this is the RIGHT time to WRITE your book!

This program is structured to help you crystallize your motivation for writing your book, the purpose your book serves and how to plan the resources and timeline to accomplish this significant goal!

Create a ‘Right For You’ plan to write your book, on schedule and on budget. Graduate from this program and add this to your amazing list of accomplishments!

This program is right for you if ...

You are a Business Owner, Professional, Influencer, Subject Matter Expert and you want to shine the spotlight on new information, new capabilities, a movement or passion project.

You want to write a book to elevate your brand, business or credibility. 

Your message is getting drowned out in noisy networking arenas.

This program is designed to help YOU decide when is the RIGHT TIME to get published and build your audience of raving fans!

I Want To Become An Author!
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You may not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page. ~ Jodi Picoult

Time to Write My Book


Is the Guide to Why, Who, What, How and When to tell your story and share your unique knowledge and experience.

This proprietary process was created by two women like you, who have managed organizations, built and led businesses, while juggling personal relationships and responsibilities.

We understand the complexities of a woman’s life and the challenges of making a difference and having a voice in competitive environments.

As leaders, entrepreneurs and published authors, we have almost a hundred combined years of business and writing acumen to help you make an informed and confident decision about investing time and money in your book.

We’ll guide you through an elegant and effective process that can be applied to any profession, industry, demographic or publication format.

We’ll share best practices and explain different options so you can customize the writing outcome that is ideally suited to your personality, message, market and brand.

Show me how to turn my wisdom into a book I will be proud of!

What is included in this program?


Introduction & Preparation

Five guided modules: Learn, Reflect and Crystalize

Downloadable Workscripts™ and prompts

Multiple audio & video extras

Lifetime right of use of paid program; use this over and over!

Membership in an exclusive community

VIP enrollment in future programs

Front of the Line access to The Encore Catalyst events 


BONUS: 20 minute Consultation with Instructor

YES! It’s Time to Write My Book!

Message from Isabel & Caren


We encourage you to take advantage of the program that we have created, based on tens of decades of learning, skills investment and success in building our individual businesses.

We know the power of effectively communicating our messages and we want to empower you to find your voice.

By the end of this course you should know the why, what and how of the book you’ve thought about writing and be equipped to decide if it is Time to Write YOUR Book.

Please join our community of women sharing feminine wisdom, creating value and having a positive impact around the world.

We encourage your feedback and comments on this program so that we may continue to enhance the value that we offer and increase the number of new & valued writers like yourself!

Not ready to start today?

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