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Pen to Published was created by two women, with the combined collective wisdom of almost one hundred years of leadership, entrepreneurship, and communications success.


We are business owners, mothers, grandmothers, wives, friends, volunteers, and disruptors for good!

We are multi-published authors. 


We understand the extra demands of personal, professional, and relationship responsibilities of today’s woman.


We created Pen to Published to help you achieve your goal of being a respected author while keeping all your other plates spinning.


The Pen to Published™ method was designed
by Women for Women.


It’s straightforward, it’s comprehensive, it’s fun.


It’s a ‘Get It Done Well’ process with honesty, accountability, and realistic timelines.


Pen to Published is rich with content and expertise and the program is yours to use over and over, as you write the books the world is waiting for!


Lydia Yadi, commissioning editor, Penguin Business wrote on March 5, 2020:

"Nielsen Bookscan data shows that in 2019 only three of the Business Category Top 50 books were written by women . . .  There were five in 2018.

So why aren’t there more female writers in the business space?

The publishing industry needs to get better at finding academics, experts, entrepreneurs and change-makers who will explore broad business subjects that appeal to all readers, no matter the gender.”


YOU are the expert, the change-maker, the inspiration that can narrow the gender gap in the knowledge world.

We want to help you make that change!


Make Me an Author NOW!

This program is right for you if ...

You have been told that your story, experience or message could change lives for the better;

You have thought about writing a book to elevate your brand, business or credibility;

You are a Business Owner, Professional, Influencer, Subject Matter Expert or you want to shine the spotlight on new information, new capabilities, a movement or passion project;

Your message is getting drowned out in noisy networking arenas and social media.

Writing and publishing a book are major commitments of time and resources.

This program is designed to educate you with facts and best practices, and guide you through the process of writing a credible, professional non-fiction publication – well-written, produced and on schedule!

I Want the World to Know My Story!
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And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
~ Sylvia Plath


What is included in this program?

Introduction & Preparation

Nine guided modules take you from Pen to Published

Each lesson available online, PDF and audio format

Downloadable Workscripts & prompts

Bonus content, video & resources

Lifetime right of use of the paid program; use this over & over!

Membership in an exclusive community

VIP enrollment in future programs

Front of the line access to events


Additional Value:

Consultation with Instructor:  20 minutes included with purchase

Preferred rates for a single session or packaged coaching with:

Caren Cantrell: Writer Coach
Isabel Banerjee: Confidence Catalyst


Recommended prerequisites:

Time To Write My Book – The Guide to Why, What and Who
Visual Encore Plan™ - A Visual Creation of YOUR Future

Sounds Perfect!
I am ready to Check Out!



We encourage you to take advantage of the program that we have created, based on tens of decades of learning, skills investment and success in building our individual businesses.

We know the power of effectively communicating our messages and we want to empower you to find your voice and increase your visibility and impact!

As an author, you will have many more ways to connect with your ideal audience and influence positive change for yourself and many others.

We designed this curriculum to support your individual learning style and busy lifestyle. The modules are self-paced, available online, in audio format for on-the-go coaching, and as PDFs to download and keep for lifetime personal use.

We have condensed thousands of hours and thousands of dollars of ‘authorship’ wisdom into this program to make it affordable and achievable for you to ‘Pen, Publish and Promote’ a valued non-fiction work in any format.

If you follow our program and complete the steps in our customizable Time to Write My Book™ Publishing Project Plan you can be a proud, published author by your target date!


We hope you will join a community of women sharing feminine wisdom, creating value and having a positive impact around the world.

Our SHEroe and author inspiration Maya Angelou said,
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


We are dedicated to helping you tell your story!

Help me to create a book I will be proud of!

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