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Who Am I Now?:
Feminine Wisdom - Unmasked Uncensored

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Isabel Alexander Banerjee

Will the real Isabel please stand up!

 It is no coincidence that my first published book is titled
“Who Am I Now?”

For 60+ years, I’ve been asking myself that question!


I’ve been many versions of me, starting as a child, sibling, and student and then unexpectedly, expecting and becoming a mother just after my 17th birthday.

Very quickly, I transitioned into breadwinner, parent, and adult-under-construction. The roles of my life expanded to include wife, family compass, employee, social circle director and self-appointed superwoman.

I became an accidental entrepreneur, employer, award winner, world traveler, writer, speaker, and more. I developed as a CEO and leader and honed my confidence and skills as a catalyst for positive change.

I have changed my last name, hairstyle, and address many times, but the constants of my life have always been;

  • deeply ingrained values of positivity and loyalty
  • appreciation for the uniqueness and contribution of individuals
  • passion for lifelong learning

I believe wholeheartedly in the right to health, security, abundance, and joy for all.


My personal motto is
Lift As You Climb!

The stuff about me that you can find on the internet already:

… was honored for seven consecutive years as one of Canada’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs™. In 2007 and 2009, she was voted one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful™ women-business owners and is also a recipient of the Global EXEC Women’s International Council’s Women of International Influence™ award. 

… has served as an advisor to many other leaders and businesses, served on the Minister of International Trade’s SME Advisory Board, and contributed as an active board member and chair for diverse associations. 

… entrepreneurial spirit was clearly evident in 1989 when she launched her own chemical brokerage firm, boldly going where few women had yet succeeded. Focused on innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, she earned the trust and respect of her customers and suppliers around the globe. After 20 rewarding years, Isabel sold the assets of Phancorp Inc. to dedicate herself as a catalyst for others to achieve personal and professional success.

. . . founded BIYA Global, Inc. to leverage her experience, connections, and unique abilities as a Success Coach and Business Mentor for Small and Medium Size Enterprises and for Women Business Enterprises.

 With a plan to only retire from the things she does not like
to do, Isabel supports Baby Boomers and others
to navigate through personal and professional
transformation and transition.

Personal BIO

What readers are saying about the book

. . . a book that speaks to the collective female hive, no matter our age or walk of life. This book encourages us to speak our truths, share our stories, and support each other through the knowledge that we are not alone. Most of our experiences are shared experiences. I think this author was about “me too” way before the me-too movement ever began. . . And, as different from each other and from you as all these women might be, I dare you to read a section and not find part of yourself embedded in the words. . .

This book is like the sequel to the Care and Keeping of You book that every preteen girl read to understand womanhood — but written (for) the mature, more life experienced audience. As a 20-something year old woman, I did not expect to relate so heavily to the personal stories laid out in the chapters, each provided by influential, successful, and impressionable women who have learned to adapt . . .

A life-changing book and in the author's own words a true 'womanual'. It is a powerhouse of inspiration. Real-life experiences of trailblazing women reiterate the fact that it is never too late to start all over again or not conform to stereotypes and societal norms. The author's lucid style connects the different stories and makes for an unputdownable read. A must-read for women of all ages. . .

Isabel and friends bring their honest, humorous, joyful, engaging and heartfelt life stories, and yes, they are uncensored. They will make you laugh, cry, scream, dance, and maybe even do naked snow angels! Most of all this book will let you ponder who you are now and help you dream up where you want to go next. Share it with all the women in your life -- a great read to share at your book club or as part of a girls' weekend retreat.

. . . is talking about what people don’t usually talk about! It has inspired me, particularly while I’m going through a personally challenging time. It has opened my eyes to issues I’m likely to encounter as I get older and hadn’t thought about, validates many challenges I have encountered (nice to know, I’m not the only one). . . Women need to be talking about these issues, learning from each other, and empowering each other.

. . . gives voice to any woman at any stage of transformation. I just happen to be the same age as the author, so it was especially like reading about a woman with a parallel story. Life is messy and requires so many personal adaptations that I hadn't thought about until Isabel strung them together so well. Having the additional voices of other women embedded in her story made it even more validating. Thanks for a great read and the inspiration to reinvent myself at 65!


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