Why Is ‘BFF’ Not Always Forever?

One of the most important supplements for my health is Vitamin G – Girlfriends! I love investing in mutually supportive relationships with other women—that’s why Lift As You Climb is my motto.


As I shared on a recent podcast episode, I have been blessed with many amazing BFFs (Best Friends Forever) over my six plus decades, who I credit for making me the woman I am today.


But unfortunately, some relationships that I thought were BFFs and would last forever, didn’t. And losing those friendships hurt in a way that was different than the end of a romantic relationship. 


When the signs say ‘END OF THE ROAD’ but you try to ignore them…


Truthfully, I was usually the one who got dumped by my ex-BFFs. Maybe it’s because of my naturally optimistic and determined personality… People tease me about being ‘Pollyanna’ and the ‘Chief Cheerleading Officer.’ When things got a little...

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Why is SIXTY such a significant decade in a woman’s life?

At age sixty, I felt as if I stepped across a threshold into an entirely new world of my own creation.

I was energized by an infusion of possibilities and opportunities after my bout with Identity Crisis Syndrome in my late fifties.

I still had not fully answered the question “Who Am I Now?” but I was starting to figure it out.

There is something incredibly significant about turning sixty.

The number sixty is a measure of time and progress. There are 60 seconds in each minute and 60 minutes in each hour. We identify with fast cars that go from ‘zero to 60’ in a boasted time.

When I was young and impatient to grow older and more independent, time seemed to move excruciatingly slow.

As I evolved through my twenties, thirties, and forties, I was always trying to stretch time to pack in more ‘doing’. I was always “on the clock” trying to accomplish some goal or milestone.

In my fifties, I started to realize that ‘being’ was...

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Vitamin G, Girlfriends and The Stars

vitamin g Jul 19, 2020

Girlfriends are essential to my happiness and health – so much so that I consider them to be a powerful supplement I call Vitamin G!

Recently, I received a telephone call from one of my most potent Vitamin Gs – a best, forever friend.

 We live thousands of miles apart but stay connected with regular lengthy conversations and share our challenges, dreams and celebrations.

One summer evening she called and asked me to go stand outside, look up at the stars and just listen until she was finished telling me something.

She shared what she valued most about me and our longstanding friendship.

It was a powerful and emotional experience to absorb her words and realize that although distance separated us, we stood under the same stars.

I fell asleep that night with even greater gratitude for our friendship.


This is the email I sent to her the next day:

Thank you for the beautiful connection last night under the stars!

I felt so loved by your thoughts about me and what...

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