Are You Having Fun Yet?

What's the point of having your own business if you're not having fun? Really, considering how hard you work, the sacrifices you make, the risks you face; shouldn't the rewards be as great or greater?
With a new year starting very soon, here are some suggestions to help you significantly increase the rewards and returns from your business, minimize the risks and make the ride on the entrepreneurial roller coaster much more fun!
1.) Don't Go It Alone
As a small business owner or a "solo-preneur," we have to wear all the hats, perform all the tasks and we often do this in isolation. It is impossible for any individual to have all the knowledge and experience to plan, grow and manage a business.
When it is not practical to hire all of what I call the CSPs or "Certified Smart People" you need on your team, take advantage of the collective wisdom of selected advisors, mentors and other successful business owners. Choose...
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