To Wear or Not To Wear a Mask

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I am sharing a social media post made by my niece who lives in Canada. She lives in the province of Québec but drives one hour each way, five days a week to work in the neighboring province of Ontario.


Like most young working-parents, she and her husband struggle to balance full time jobs and the education and social life of their children. Additionally, they have adult family support roles and actively contribute to the communities they live in.


I am incredibly proud of my niece for everything that she does and for selflessly sharing insight into the complexity of being an essential worker and a severe anxiety warrior.


I have not disclosed her identity to protect the privacy of her family.



For all of you who are hiding behind the mask of judgement, please pause a moment to consider this true story.



As shared, edited only for clarity:



“I have written this post about...

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CTSD - Covid Traumatic Stress Disorder

mental health Jul 17, 2020








I respect, honor and pledge to support others who suffer from PTSD.


I now have a deeper empathy for all of you – whatever the catalyst is for your suffering.


My experience to date with Pandemic 2020, and the impact of social isolation, physical distancing and uncertainty have magnified my understanding of the effect of trauma, stress, and loss of control.


May we all heal, grow and transform together.



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