Courage To Challenge Myself

I am beginning a new encore today.

With stage fright and butterflies, I am stepping into the spotlight again, in a new and different way. This is another step in my evolution as a woman.

Just like the chapter in my book I’ve Never Been This Me Before – this is a virgin voyage onto public airways – my voice, my stories, my thoughts and my questions.

My first podcast has been submitted to Apple Podcasts.

Somewhere behind an internet curtain, a powerful i-wizard holds the power to decide if my show premise is worthy of sharing to the world, if anyone would want to listen, if my content matters.

My ego is quaking in her little suede boots. She’s trying hard to pull me back, keep me safe, keep me irrelevant. My ego has enlisted the help of her friends, Limiting Beliefs, and Imposter Syndrome.

I purposefully chose March 8th to launch my show publicly.

Inspired by International Women’s Day and motivated by the many, many courageous women around...

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Man I Feel Like a Woman!

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day 2020, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

 We should celebrate women every day but I’m glad that the spotlight is on women and their impact on this day every year!

I’m thankful for the reminder to stop and reflect on the contributions and leadership of women throughout history and around the world. If not for the resilience of women and our drive to keep going through adversity, the human race would have less and be less.

Recently I read an article about cultural icon, Shania Twain and her return to the spotlight after overcoming major difficulties. Ms. Twain was a major influence on women of my generation. She had us on our feet, dancing with girlfriends and singing at top volume. Shania was a catalyst for joyful and fierce femininity!

Like Shania Twain and so many other women, I've had comebacks after major...

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