More Than Just Lip Service To Indigenous Beauty

Jennifer Harper, edgy girl, alcoholic transformed to CEO change maker, exemplifies Lifting As You Climb, and tireless building of success ladders for many, along her own journey of healing and personal recovery.

She grew up disconnected from her indigenous roots and unaware how generational transfer of trauma adversely affected her and millions of others.

Jennifer inherited a legacy from the horrific history of residential schools, unhealed wounds, and trauma that native families endured during and beyond colonization.

A dream, an awakening, and a vision to make a difference for others are part of the tender yet uplifting conversations I have with this fiercely dedicated young woman.

Just a few short years ago, Jennifer Harper did the unthinkable. 

She said ‘No Thank You’ and kissed an offer of $125,000 from a Dragon’s Den celebrity Goodbye!

Cheekbone Beauty was inspired by Jenn’s dream of children joyful and happy adorned with lip gloss. No matter how...

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