More Than Just Lip Service To Indigenous Beauty

Jennifer Harper, edgy girl, alcoholic transformed to CEO change maker, exemplifies Lifting As You Climb, and tireless building of success ladders for many, along her own journey of healing and personal recovery.

She grew up disconnected from her indigenous roots and unaware how generational transfer of trauma adversely affected her and millions of others.

Jennifer inherited a legacy from the horrific history of residential schools, unhealed wounds, and trauma that native families endured during and beyond colonization.

A dream, an awakening, and a vision to make a difference for others are part of the tender yet uplifting conversations I have with this fiercely dedicated young woman.

Just a few short years ago, Jennifer Harper did the unthinkable. 

She said ‘No Thank You’ and kissed an offer of $125,000 from a Dragon’s Den celebrity Goodbye!

Cheekbone Beauty was inspired by Jenn’s dream of children joyful and happy adorned with lip gloss. No matter how...

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Retirement Reinvention Unmasked

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2021

Retirement triggers an avalanche of change.

So why would you voluntarily make the leap out of a known place into an unknown?

What if you can no longer stay in that place?

What if someone else or some circumstance force you to move, change, or grow?

How do you know you are ready and able to make the move?

Transformation and reinvention can be scary.

 How do you know you have what it takes?

Listen in to this  podcast episode and unmask the truth of how we are the creators, writers and stars of each and every version of ourselves – Ready or Not! 


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SMILES and SUSHI make everyday better

Heroes are the ones who have courage to be different, to change status quo, stand for something and start a movement that uplifts and inspires others.

Heroes are not born. Heroism is not inherited or something you can purchase. SHEroes and heroes evolve from struggles, and trials, and awareness. 

Loubna Zarrou was shy, introverted, and bullied as a child. She made a choice to rise above limiting circumstances to become a hero, role model, and mentor for herself and many others.

In today’s episode, we talk about the power of a decision, smiles, and the influence we have on others – when we accept that responsibility.

And we talk about sushi, podcasts, and building success ladders around the world!

My special guest today:

Loubna Zarrou

The Exponential Hero - strategic mentor empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs to work smarter & happier


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Why Is ‘BFF’ Not Always Forever?

One of the most important supplements for my health is Vitamin G – Girlfriends! I love investing in mutually supportive relationships with other women—that’s why Lift As You Climb is my motto.


As I shared on a recent podcast episode, I have been blessed with many amazing BFFs (Best Friends Forever) over my six plus decades, who I credit for making me the woman I am today.


But unfortunately, some relationships that I thought were BFFs and would last forever, didn’t. And losing those friendships hurt in a way that was different than the end of a romantic relationship. 


When the signs say ‘END OF THE ROAD’ but you try to ignore them…


Truthfully, I was usually the one who got dumped by my ex-BFFs. Maybe it’s because of my naturally optimistic and determined personality… People tease me about being ‘Pollyanna’ and the ‘Chief Cheerleading Officer.’ When things got a little...

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Does Retired Equal Expired?

In our culture, there’s a certain vision of what retirement is supposed to look like.


You see it in television commercials: The lovely couple with the silver hair, with polo sweaters over their shoulders, walking hand in hand on the beach, or riding together in a golf cart. Grandparents in sensible clothes with plenty of time to dote on their grandkids.


If you work hard and save a big enough nest egg then by age 65 you can retire and live off your savings, free to live a life of leisure with the few years you have left.


It is a lovely picture from the outside. But the disturbing view from the inside is the unspoken understanding that people who have reached a certain age are expected to gracefully exit stage right and fade into obsolescence. Society doesn’t have much use for them anymore, except perhaps for babysitting. They’ve reached their expiry date.


I took an unconventional approach in my youth, choosing entrepreneurship over a...

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Love At Any Age

Love After Sixty

Recently, I was talking to a friend, also in her 60’s like me, and we were talking about the difficulty with feeling sexy and passionate as we age, and how our changing bodies lead to not feeling sexy enough, and wondering if it’s realistic to expect the kind of passion we had in our youth.

She said something that really struck a chord with me: “Really, if I don't turn me on, who can?”

Society has led us think of love as something that others give us. But what I have come to realize is that it is even more important to love ourselves.

Love yourself first, because you need love as a human being, no matter your age or stage of life. And because this is how we take back our power instead of waiting for others to give us what we need.


Love Thy Selfie

Self-love and self-appreciation have become more acceptable and even fashionable in recent years, but that was definitely not the case when I was growing up.

The message I received was that it...

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Courage To Challenge Myself

I am beginning a new encore today.

With stage fright and butterflies, I am stepping into the spotlight again, in a new and different way. This is another step in my evolution as a woman.

Just like the chapter in my book I’ve Never Been This Me Before – this is a virgin voyage onto public airways – my voice, my stories, my thoughts and my questions.

My first podcast has been submitted to Apple Podcasts.

Somewhere behind an internet curtain, a powerful i-wizard holds the power to decide if my show premise is worthy of sharing to the world, if anyone would want to listen, if my content matters.

My ego is quaking in her little suede boots. She’s trying hard to pull me back, keep me safe, keep me irrelevant. My ego has enlisted the help of her friends, Limiting Beliefs, and Imposter Syndrome.

I purposefully chose March 8th to launch my show publicly.

Inspired by International Women’s Day and motivated by the many, many courageous women around...

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Top 5 challenges women face when trying to change their career

encore system Jan 29, 2021


In my work as a transformation catalyst, I often work with women who want to change their professional direction but are unsure how.

They are fed up with their current situation. They know what they are doing now does not support the lifestyle they really want - financially, emotionally, aspirationally, or otherwise.

They feel stuck, caught between worlds.

If you resonate with any of the challenges below, let’s explore how to solve them so you can move forward with confidence in the direction you really want to go.

  1. Fear of failure and starting over

Going from being proficient at something to being a novice is jarring. And being new at something means not only a lot of learning, but potential failure too. As you embark on your new future—or even simply contemplate it—you may be inundated with concerns like:

  • Am I a fool for giving up something good enough for something unknown?
  • What will people think?
  • What if I fail? How will I recover if I fail?
  • What if...
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How to Choose an Effective Word or Theme for your New Year


Every year - and sometimes more often than once in a year - I create a visual strategic plan for the results I want to achieve and as a reminder of how I will feel when I achieve those goals.

I developed my own process several years ago based on a lifetime of experience with vision boards, goal setting and strategic planning. I also encompassed other best practices for visualization, focus and accountability. 

My process was so effective for me and some friends that I created an online, self-guided version of my methodology called the Visual Encore Plan.

One of the seven elements of the Visual Encore Plan is to choose a word that has significance and is motivating.

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, new you and new success, I am happy to share this concept with my compliments:

Excerpt from the Visual Encore Plan, Module Seven:

Choose a single word or short phrase that encapsulates your intention for the next 12 months or the term of your Encore Plan.

I recommend you...

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How 2020 Brought my WHY into Sharper Focus


As we approach the end of year 2020, I would like to reach out to family, friends, new and old relationships around the world, and wish you each the very best of health, joy and abundance.

I reflect on all that has happened. Not all of this bizarre year in history was easy or welcome but many events pushed me to stretch my capabilities, learn new skills, create new collaborations and start new businesses.

I made new friends, reached more and different audiences and moved closer to my goals on Identity, Influence and Impact.

In less than 12 months: I revamped The Encore Catalyst - shifting its focus from reluctant retirees to eager encore seekers! My WHY is helping others to know their WHY and help them star in the life they design - their Encore! Together, we are setting the stage for exciting new purposes, careers, businesses, inventions, passions, relationships and more!

My next step was to launch The Encore Academy - an online education platform, created by women, about women and...

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