What is an ENCORE?

transformation who am i now Mar 04, 2020

For most, or all of your life, you’ve been cast in roles by others and played parts based on timing, obligation and necessity.

You have been someone’s child, a student, a team member, a branch on a family tree. You were instructed, you were modeled, you conformed.

You have been an employee and or a boss, a member of communities, a volunteer, a leader, a citizen. You contributed, you adapted, you compromised.

You have been a parent, a caregiver to family members and others, a port in the storm. You balanced, you juggled, you sacrificed.

You studied, achieved, failed and tried again.

You have been a consumer, a spender, a saver, an investor.

Life and influencers thrust these roles upon you. Conscious choice was much rarer than imposed decision or circumstantial opportunity. It was expected; get an education, get a job, start a family, follow the rules.

You’ve fulfilled the roles, played the parts as directed by society and tried hard to live up to a mass of expectations. At times you may have felt “out of place” or struggled to overcome stereotyping and limiting opportunities to truly be your authentic self.

Often, you may have numbly gone along with the flow, acting out the parts modeled on what the media told you a ‘successful’ life looked like. Work hard. Save for retirement. Plan for obsolescence.

Our generation measured success by scales that ranked ‘stuff’ ahead of relationships. We were told “The one with the most toys wins!”

However, I think many of us were unconscious to the truth that we were operating on autopilot. We built our lives by a set of standards and values underpinned by ‘new and improved,’ ‘keeping up with the neighbors’ and ‘new model released every hour’ consumerism.

We were convinced over decades that our value and our worth were intricately fabricated from our approval rating and how we scored versus the actors and models in media and advertising.

Television has been a major influence in our lives since World War II. Starting with that single coveted ‘box’ in our living room through to the sensory bombardment of media sources today, we’re constantly forced to compare ourselves to people and situations that are staged and manipulated by others with an agenda.

Of course, most of us expected the outcome of this life of playing our parts well, following the scripts handed to us, to yield us a very comfortable lifestyle in our 50s and 60s and our retirement.

But what if you’re approaching, or have already reached, one of those roundabouts and none of the exits appeal to you?

What if planned obsolescence is not enough?
What if you don’t have enough money to live on for 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 more decades.
What if you feel like you missed out on some important things in your life?
What if you long to give more, be more, know more?
What if you want to choose someone to enjoy it with?
What if and WHY NOT?

Why not take control of the next and best role of your life?

Your Encore!


This blog post is an excerpt from the book:
“Who Am I Now - Feminine Wisdom Unmasked Uncensored”.
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