Vitamin G, Girlfriends and The Stars

vitamin g Jul 19, 2020

Girlfriends are essential to my happiness and health – so much so that I consider them to be a powerful supplement I call Vitamin G!

Recently, I received a telephone call from one of my most potent Vitamin Gs – a best, forever friend.

 We live thousands of miles apart but stay connected with regular lengthy conversations and share our challenges, dreams and celebrations.

One summer evening she called and asked me to go stand outside, look up at the stars and just listen until she was finished telling me something.

She shared what she valued most about me and our longstanding friendship.

It was a powerful and emotional experience to absorb her words and realize that although distance separated us, we stood under the same stars.

I fell asleep that night with even greater gratitude for our friendship.


This is the email I sent to her the next day:

Thank you for the beautiful connection last night under the stars!

I felt so loved by your thoughts about me and what you value about me.

The list of reasons and proof why I love you is long and treasured.

I am glad that you brought my thoughts back to why you have been an extra bright STAR guiding me along my journey as an Evolutionary Woman!


A few of the reasons YOU are essential to my life, my joy, my future:

  • You are the constant in my life that loves me and sees the real me.
  •  You tell me the truth – even when it’s hard for me to hear.
  •  You make me want to dream bigger, reach higher, grow continuously.
  •  You make me believe that I am worthy and capable of reaching those dreams, stepping on my tippy toes and reaching the next rung of my ladder of evolution!
  •  You reignite my spark to live OUT LOUD, ALL IN, NO REGRETS! 


If you are as fortunate as I am to have Vitamin G friends in your life, why not make a date under the stars with them and share why you are so thankful for them.


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