This is how it began

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This is how it began

Early in April 2019, I sent out an email asking friends and close colleagues to help me fulfill my goal of writing and publishing a book.

The concept for this book had been percolating in my brain for about seven years and a few times, I made a start of it but did not follow through.

Knowing that I often perform better when I have a tight deadline and when I am accountable to others, I put my vulnerable self ‘out there’ and lit a fire under my own “ASK” 😊


. . . Six months later, with cheerleading and contributions from my inner tribe, the book will be published and available to women around the world.


The email that sparked the flame and fueled my fire to complete my goal:

Dear Divinely Wise Woman,

I am writing a book. Finally!
I want to celebrate my 65th birthday this September by publishing “A Real Woman’s Guide to Transformation – the real story of being 40’ish to 70’ish and laugh at and love yourself more than you ever have!”.

This probably will not be the final title of ‘the book’ but the project is inspired by women before us who shared wisdom and truth around the fire or sewing circles. Today, with our society so mobile and so busy, there are few opportunities to sit in safety and absorb the wisdom of our tribe.

In the beginning, I planned to write the story of my personal journey and discoveries as I searched for the answers to “Who.Am.I.Now?”.

Each time I thought that I was successfully navigating my way through ‘Womanhood Wonderland”, something else derailed me and put me on another track of change, challenge and growth.

Fortunately, I learned that I am not alone on this ‘woman-in-progress’ magical mystery tour. And so, my aspiration is to write ‘our story’ and to share the collective wisdom of women like you, me and all the Alices who are redefining age and feminine constructs.

I invite you to share the uncensored, unsanitized, funny/not-so-funny, mad-bad-sad truth about our bodies, relationships, careers, finances, and how we’re figuring out, one chin hair at a time, how to thrive in the multiple ‘encore’ times of our lives!”

My Ask:
1. Respond to this request as soon as possible – birthday publishing deadline!
2. Choose one topic or many.
3. Provide your contact information so that I may interview you for clarity.

Multiple submissions are encouraged! I’m not finished becoming me yet (ever) so please keep sending wisdom, humor and experience as you continue to evolve and transform!

I welcome discussion on co-writing a section with me or a chapter of your own.

And yes! I encourage you to forward this request to other women willing to share transformation wisdom and tips.

I will try to capture your wisdom for the benefit of others and make this resource available to share.

I promise to respect and protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Thank you, in advance, for generously sharing your time, experience, questions, and resources and helping me to pay it forward and backwards for many women.

Thought starters:

Thinking about your learning curve to becoming the next, best version of yourself – your ‘Encore!’, your fabulous 50s, your strong & sexy 60s, and all your “this is not what grandma looked like seasons”:

  • What do you wish your female tribe had shared with you so that you didn’t have to find out on your own?
  • What are you grateful for that your female tribe shared generously, vulnerably, honestly?
  • What cheeky, funny, “you’ve got to be kidding me!” things have your ‘femmes’ shared about their experiences that made it easier to cope/laugh when it was your turn – and trust me – it will eventually be your turn 😊
  • What comparisons have you made about your current realities versus your mother, grandmother or other great women of history?
  • What is the biggest “transformation” challenge that you are facing right now?
  • What else would you like to contribute to the collective of divine feminine wisdom that might make the learning curve less steep, more fun and more loving for other women?

With gratitude,
Creator, Communicator, Catalyst

. . . In addition, to achieving deep satisfaction from following through and fulfilling my personal goal, I learned that women want, need and value opportunities to share, relate and support each other in more personal contexts.

My mission now is to create communities where feminine wisdom shared is wisdom magnified. Together, we’ll lift as we climb.

If you’d like to join me and others on our adventure to explore who we are next, join our tribe at