Navigating change - when you are not sure you want to

baby boomer woman evolutionary women transformation decoded Oct 09, 2020

I have been called the Mistress of Reinvention, a Maven of Transformation, and the Queen of Change to mention just a few of the identities that defined and shaped my life.

Part of my evolution and development has been candidly shared in the book “Who Am I Now? – Feminine Wisdom, Unmasked, Uncensored”.

The story reveals how I became aware of my own identity crisis and the realization that change not only was a constant but, in fact, it was a catalyst for an extraordinary life.

Recently, I was asked to explain how I appear to embrace change so courageously and how I navigate the transformation process.

If you have peered into my life through the book, or you know me personally, you know I have experienced more changes than most and not all changes were my choice.

It will also be evident I have pursued change and faced change with optimism, even during the times I was terrified and completely uncertain what was around the next corner.

The ultimate catalyst to embrace change has always been the realization that making the change was less painful than remaining where I was.

There are many wise and witty quotes about change but the most significant may also be the simplest. 

Not making a decision is a decision also.

Choosing not to change is a choice. A choice that we must own fully.

My desire to figure out how to navigate a change is fueled by my passion to always grow and become the next and best version of me.

I am grateful for my unique strengths and talents, and I believe it is a waste to not leverage those every day to have a positive impact on my own quality of life, and also on the lives of people I care about.

Publicly, I talk about my personal mantra “Lift As You Climb” but I have had another driving creed for several decades, and that is “I have the power to grant wishes, starting with my own.”

Having power and having the courage to use that personal power requires me to constantly change, grow, and stretch my capabilities as a human being.

I believe that if we are not changing and growing, we are dying.

 Twelve signs it is time for a change:

  • I no longer recognize myself – seriously – empty eyes stare back at me from the mirror – devoid of spark, curiosity, passion, determination, excitement, humor
  • I make excuses and procrastinate with increasing frequency and intensity
  • I find fault with others
  • I find fault with myself
  • I am not sleeping well
  • I crave sugar, carbs, alcohol and shopping
  • I abdicate my life and become a voyeur of fictional lives inside streaming programs
  • I am messy. My office looks like a detonated bomb site, my clothes are disorganized
  • I order book after book and leave them partially or totally unread
  • I subscribe to excess podcasts, newsletters, masterclasses, etc. and get annoyed because they send me messages that reinforce that I am not living my potential
  • I am mad at my Inbox
  • I start. I stop. I ‘should’ all over myself


Yes! Change is uncomfortable and scary and messy. But the butterfly can not emerge until after the icky stage of metamorphosis.

Share your butterfly reveal experiences with me and other butterflies in the Evolutionary Women group by The Encore Catalyst.

Spread your wings and soar with us!