My Birthday Gift to You

abundance evolutionary woman limiting belief positive affirmation Sep 29, 2019

I am feeling so joyous and abundant about this birthday and to celebrate, I want to give you a gift from me!


I am the one turning 65 years young and I should be the one ripping up paper and ribbons, but this is one of my most treasured rewards and I’d like to spread the love.


If you know a little about my life’s journey, I have reinvented, transformed and squeezed into new identities and roles – many, many times already.

And I’m not done yet!

Each and every time, I was in the process of discovery and transition to the next me, I experienced periods of doubt, fear, panic, lack of confidence and extreme cold feet.

I’ve tried a ton of tools and techniques to help me make the leap from one trapeze bar to the next in my life with the least pain and anguish.


And not fall flat on my face!

I’ve meditated, medicated (mostly wine), journaled, read, doodled and visioned. I denied, procrastinated and pretended I liked it where I was, so why bother trying to make the change.

I still default to all of these at different intervals.

But one of the best gifts I ever gave myself was to silence that annoying detractor that tries to park on my shoulder and whisper, “Who do you think you are?!”

I call my nemesis, my heckler L.B. – Limiting Belief or Lizard Brain. And there are days that she is known as Little Bitch and occasionally is joined by her cohort Little Bastard. These “L.B.s” can make so much noise that they impede my ability to focus, trust and move forward.

I found that the best way to quiet these critics is to drown them out by reciting positive affirmations regularly and with conviction. The peanut gallery settles down and I can hear the truth of the words that I speak to myself.

I offer you my personal “I Am Wise” affirmation to try. You may prefer to create your own. Whatever you decide, talk to yourself like you would a deeply admired friend.

Establish a routine to nurture your self-confidence and self-worth. Use this technique as often every day as you need to keep L.B. and friends muzzled!

Know that you are wise, you are valued, and you create value in the world.

With love & gratitude for being part of my tribe,

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