Man I Feel Like a Woman!

international women's day Mar 04, 2020

Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day 2020, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

 We should celebrate women every day but I’m glad that the spotlight is on women and their impact on this day every year!

I’m thankful for the reminder to stop and reflect on the contributions and leadership of women throughout history and around the world. If not for the resilience of women and our drive to keep going through adversity, the human race would have less and be less.

Recently I read an article about cultural icon, Shania Twain and her return to the spotlight after overcoming major difficulties. Ms. Twain was a major influence on women of my generation. She had us on our feet, dancing with girlfriends and singing at top volume. Shania was a catalyst for joyful and fierce femininity!

Like Shania Twain and so many other women, I've had comebacks after major setbacks.


I am a survivor of domestic tragedy and turbulence, a thriver through unplanned change, a lifelong learner, an innovator, business leader and award winner.


I rocked high heels, suits and gowns. I danced in jeans and barefoot with babies on my hips.

I climbed ladders where many said I shouldn’t and from the top, I reached back to lift others up.

I travelled the world and expanded my perspective, my vocabulary, my appetite for new and different things.

I have made great choices, good choices and ‘Oh No! Don’t do that again.’ choices. I regret none of my experiences. Every one of them has helped to shape me into the woman I am today; each lesson was valuable, each learning added to my wisdom and tacit knowledge.

I believe that we should only ever retire from the things we don’t like to do. I am excited that I have six decades of experience accumulated and many more decades in front of me - to do more, experience more, create more, share more and be all that I choose to be.

I believe this is how it is meant to be – constantly evolving, growing, discovering, transforming.

Man! I feel like a Woman!

Oh yes – something else I have in common with Shania Twain – we’re both Canadian country-raised girls.

Read more about Shania Twain's story on the website in the article "Shania Twain's Career Comeback".