Lift As You Climb

collaboration identity crisis lift as you climb who am i now Oct 07, 2019

‘Lift as You Climb’ is my personal mantra. It is a guiding principle in my life, woven into the fabric of my character by personal experience. Rather than compete, I believe we all achieve much more when we collaborate, share resources, and support others to be the best they can be.

I grew up in a farming community and witnessed neighbors coming together often to help each other bring in crops, raise a new barn, put out fires and share with others in need.

So, I suppose it was this organic education that led me to understand that opportunities to help others is not like pie. There are not a limited number of slices and then you run out. Opportunities to help others are infinite and the rewards are exponential.
If you read my book “Who Am I Now? – Feminine Wisdom Unmasked Uncensored”, you will know I had a challenging start in life. I achieved great success and abundance because so many others were willing to help me, mentor and cheer me on. My personal experience is further affirmation that helping others creates more for all.

There is an African proverb that sums up my sentiments; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Publishing my book this year was more validation that the attitude of collaboration, generosity and desire to help others is flourishing. I asked my tribe; my close female friends and colleagues, to contribute wisdom, experience and resources that would help other women along their journey of womanhood and transformation.

And they did! Nineteen other successful, very busy women shared generously and passionately, with a commitment to help others. They gave freely of their time and wisdom because they know how much grit it takes every day to be an authentic woman – real in an increasingly URL world.

The caring and sharing does not end with the last chapter of this book. Another of my personal philosophies is that there are no endings, there are only new beginnings.

And so together we are building a tribe, a vault of divine feminine wisdom and resources to share around the world. I welcome you to join our tribe at and contribute to this collective.

Wonderful outcomes of researching and curating my book are fabulous new friendships and developing first time skills. With the help of contributing writer, Kara Diane Festa, engineer transformed to life coach for brainy women, (she did a lot of the heavy lifting to get me started!) we’ve launched a Video Blog series called “Lift As You Climb”, available on my YouTube Channel.

The first two episodes of Lift As You Climb Vlog series focus on the theme “Identity Crisis”:

  • “Who are you now that so much has changed in your life?”
  • “Do your communities keep up with you?”

Just like a conversation on the couch with your ‘Bestie”, Kara and I talk very candidly about our struggles and revelations about our changing sense of self-identity as we transformed, reinvented and grew as Baby Boomer and Gen X women.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and join us on the couch as we explore more topics.

Wishing you abundance and unlimited capacity to lift others as you rise.