Guest Encore Blogger - Lee Woodward, Woman In Disguise

Welcome Encore Guest Blogger:

Lee Woodward, Owner of Woman in Disguise


Sometimes encores come in disguise.

When I met Lee Woodward she was leaving her role from big corporate to become an entrepreneur. Talk about changing some paradigms!

Lee's experience will be an inspiration for many others to pursue their Encore!



I am very excited to be a guest blogger for the Encore Catalyst. Isabel is always generous with her wisdom and warmth, so it is nice to be able to offer something in return. I’m also excited because I have started my own encore, I’ll call it an encore in process.

Here is how I got started on the script for the next & best performance of my life...

This April will mark one year since I quit my career. I use the word career because I was not changing jobs, companies or industry. I made the decision that I was going to start over, do a redesign so to speak. The decision was not rash but it was definitive. What compelled me to walk away from a successful career and call a do-over? It happened about three years ago at my girlfriend’s house. It was the night I tried on a pink wig. Yep, my catalyst is a pink wig. Not what you were expecting right? It may sound silly, but what I experienced that night was personally profound. I swaggered around feeling fun, sassy and alive in my pink wig. What really amazed me, is that as I sauntered around in the feathery ‘do I felt like me. That night I realized I had lost touch with some important parts of myself. I realized that although I had a great life I was too exhausted to fully enjoy it or nurture it. I realized that I had dreams unfulfilled and my current path did not accommodate them. I realized that my plans for tomorrow would continue to be pushed out for my priorities of today. Also, I learned that I love wigs! More specifically, I love how I feel when I wear a wig.

Soon after the “pink wig experience” I decided I wanted to start a business that will bring the same experience to other women. When I envisioned this new company it could only be called one thing; it could be nothing other than Woman In Disguise. The name just spoke to me. It’s important that the name is not misunderstood. It is not about hiding or disguising, but rather about exploring different parts of ourselves. Being open to rediscovery. It’s about recognizing what we hide to make room for the priorities of today. It took me two years to get my head wrapped around that idea and develop a basic plan to move forward. As with all plans, I had a starting point. My plan started with my resignation a year ago.

As I look back on the last year I have had a roller coaster of a ride. I was not merely tired I was burned out. I felt guilty about not pursuing headhunter calls. It was hard to reject the path of certainty. I went from leading a team to being the team. I went from trying to figure out how I could handle all my customers to figuring out how to get customers. The hardest thing about launching the business was realizing that once I launched I could fail. It’s not that I am new to failure; it’s that now it is a solo act. With all that said, I am thrilled to be on the roller coaster. I figure there are two ways to ride a roller coaster. You can close your eyes, hold on for dear life and just wait for it to be over. Or you can sit in the front car, arms in the air and enjoy every moment because it’s going to be over before you know it.

So every morning I wake up and get on the roller coaster. On the best of days I can feel my pink wig blowing in the wind.

Lee Woodward

Transformation Maven | Woman In Disguise

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