How 2020 Brought my WHY into Sharper Focus

know your why podcast visual encore plan Dec 22, 2020

As we approach the end of year 2020, I would like to reach out to family, friends, new and old relationships around the world, and wish you each the very best of health, joy and abundance.

I reflect on all that has happened. Not all of this bizarre year in history was easy or welcome but many events pushed me to stretch my capabilities, learn new skills, create new collaborations and start new businesses.

I made new friends, reached more and different audiences and moved closer to my goals on Identity, Influence and Impact.

In less than 12 months: I revamped The Encore Catalyst - shifting its focus from reluctant retirees to eager encore seekers! My WHY is helping others to know their WHY and help them star in the life they design - their Encore! Together, we are setting the stage for exciting new purposes, careers, businesses, inventions, passions, relationships and more!

My next step was to launch The Encore Academy - an online education platform, created by women, about women and for women who continue to evolve in their next best selves. In its first year of existence, The Encore Academy proudly boasts three faculty members and four online courses:,, and

I established a meeting place for likeminded, growth oriented, "glass is always more than half full" kind of women, in a private Facebook Group known as Evolutionary Women by The Encore Catalyst. This is a community that inspires and "Lifts As We Climb". We embrace growth, change and transformation!

Speaking of transformation, I also debuted Transformation Decoded on YouTube with my mastermind partners, Jackie Ulmer, Street Smart Wealth and Lee Woodward, Woman In Disguise. Each week we explore the transformation, personal and professional growth and candid truth about women of our ages.

Rounding out the year, I am proud to claim status as an international bestselling author as a contributor to The Power of Why - a global collaboration and anthology and shared my WHY for millions around the world to read.

I blogged often and juggled the demands of keeping up on multiple social media platforms. I sucked at video but I kept practicing. I will keep on practicing and learning every day.

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WHEW! Big exhale!

That was some year!

And now, my thoughts are on a new year and creating my visual strategic plan. I have so many exciting goals and priorities, I need a method to keep them vivid and visible everyday so that I keep making the right steps consistently toward my goals.

I plan to launch my first podcast, an Encore Incubator coaching program, add new faculty and more self-guided courses on The Encore Academy, write and publish a children's book and start on the next book in the Who Am I Now series.

And I plan to make up for all the hugs I missed giving and receiving in 2020!

I'll use the process I created because it is so effective, so powerful! The Visual Encore Plan guides you to reflect, intend, and visualize waypoints, ensuring that you arrive at destination YOU - the who you wish to become on purpose and with purpose.

If you need help to visualize the 2021 you desire, I encourage you to take a look at


Happy New Year to you and yours!

May you know your WHY and live with purpose and passion!