Getting Lost, a journey of self-dicsovery

personal growth transformation decoded who am i now womanhood wonderland Aug 06, 2015

I went for a drive in the country this morning. I got lost, purposely lost.

I’m staying with friends in Canada that live in a beautiful rural area away from Toronto. I’ve come here to spend time with people that I love and miss and to begin writing for my new project, The Encore Catalyst. After the family left for their work day, I got in my car and decided to explore the area and find a good old fashioned country breakfast.

The trees and fields are incredibly lush and green after the generous rains of spring and early summer. The roads are narrow and quiet and in many spots branches overhung the roadway like arms ready to embrace. Sometimes, I could not see what was around the next corner.

I kept the radio off and was smugly happy that my mobile network coverage was spotty to none. I wanted to disengage from the busy me, to quiet my brain and just drink in the beauty and abundance around me. No music, no news, no chatter, just the soothing hum of rubber on the road and at times, the hungry crunch of gravel under tires. Some roads were paved, some were not but all were perfect for getting lost.

I loved the diversity of the landscape, occasionally dotted with houses, farm buildings and a few local businesses. Horses and cattle ignored me while wildlife winked at me and give me the right away.

I tested a few “dead end” signs and sure enough, they reminded me that there are times in life that we go down a road that we shouldn’t have. In spite of warnings, I recall that I have ignored those signs and found myself in spots with no way out but to back up carefully and get back on track in my life.

A meandering, and at times, a little scary trip in a new territory is a metaphor for my life. I didn’t always start out with a destination in mind. Often times, I took the really long way around. Sometimes I had to make U-turns and back track and for sure, there were lots of bumps and holes along my journey.

But the good news is that I had great adventures and I have arrived at today. I saw things and experienced life that I would not have otherwise if I’d stayed on the safe path, the carefully plotted route.

My life has always been an adventure and getting lost has some surprisingly wonderful outcomes!

This morning’s “Magical Mystery Tour” was the perfect inspiration to write again and to share my story;

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