Encore Career

encore imposter syndrome legacy retirement Mar 12, 2020

What is an Encore Career?
The term is credited to Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org and explains
the idea of a second career, one that starts later in life and often has
a more personally fulfilling mission and is typically financially motivated.

When you reach the end of a script that has been handed to you, can you leverage decades of life experience into a signature encore performance? Whether that encore role is a new business, a new career, a new cause or the passion that you’ve kept on a shelf, YOU have the opportunity to write a different script that is uniquely yours.
Have you sometimes felt like an imposter in your life or that you were performing a part that someone else cast you in? This is the time for change!
Are you tired of rehearsing living and auditioning happiness? You are now ready and perfect for your fulfilling & rewarding ‘best life’ yet!
Do you wonder how to take control of your life instead of being directed and managed by others? Be the author of your authentic ‘made for you’ role!
Don’t expire! Retire from the things that you don’t like to do. Learn how the scripts and roles of the past can and should be rewritten for new and happy beginnings!
The Society of Human Resource Management estimated that 9 million Americans ages 44 to 70 were choosing “encore careers” in the second half of their professional lives and finding new purpose, increasing financial security and creating positive impact on many others. For some individuals, they finally fulfilled a lifelong passion or dream!

What would you choose for an encore career?

What passion would you finally pursue, what new skill would you learn,
or what business would you start?

How do you want to live your legacy – now while you can nurture it and enjoy it?