Why is SIXTY such a significant decade in a woman’s life?

baby boomer women transformation decoded vitamin g who am i now Sep 08, 2020
Woman poses looking cool Sixty in the City

At age sixty, I felt as if I stepped across a threshold into an entirely new world of my own creation.

I was energized by an infusion of possibilities and opportunities after my bout with Identity Crisis Syndrome in my late fifties.

I still had not fully answered the question “Who Am I Now?” but I was starting to figure it out.

There is something incredibly significant about turning sixty.

The number sixty is a measure of time and progress. There are 60 seconds in each minute and 60 minutes in each hour. We identify with fast cars that go from ‘zero to 60’ in a boasted time.

When I was young and impatient to grow older and more independent, time seemed to move excruciatingly slow.

As I evolved through my twenties, thirties, and forties, I was always trying to stretch time to pack in more ‘doing’. I was always “on the clock” trying to accomplish some goal or milestone.

In my fifties, I started to realize that ‘being’ was more important than ‘doing’, and time was beginning to show on my face, my body, and my stamina.

Dr. Benjamin E. Mays famously wrote:

“I have only just a minute.

Only sixty seconds in it.

Forced upon me, can't refuse it.

Didn't seek it, didn't choose it.

But it's up to me to use it.

I must suffer if I lose it.

Give account if I abuse it,

Just a tiny little minute,

But eternity is in it.”

 In my sixties, I paused to reflect on how much time I had already refused, used, and abused.

The reconciliation of my minutes, the sum of tick-tock time sounded an alarm – a wake-up call for me!

 Six Decades include

720 Months

3,120 Weeks

21,900 Days

525,600 Hours

31,536,000 Seconds

Whatever measure you choose does not matter, but choosing to not to waste your time does!

 My sixth decade is all about choices.

  • I choose to say NO to people and activities that do not serve me.
  • I choose to retire only from the things I do not like to do.
  • I choose to say YES to new opportunities.
  • I choose to say THIS is what sixty looks like!
  • I choose to be open to transformation and personal growth.

Life is just a series of minutes and I choose not to waste any more of mine.

If you have followed my writing, you will know that Vitamin G, is a vital part of my health and wellness.

Vitamin G means Girlfriends! Not just casual, social friends, but the deep, fully vested in you, ‘Ride or Die’ chicks; the ones who will tell you the truth always; not always gently, but always with love and intention for your better self, the women that are your masterminds, cheerleading, feminine wisdom reservoir, and the mirror into your soul.

Part of my Vitamin G posse threw me an amazing 60th birthday party complete with balloons, spa treatments, gourmet food, champagne, and much more, held over two days at a gorgeous country inn!

I remain filled with gratitude for the celebration and especially for two unique gifts.

One of my cherished BFFs, Sandra, created a poster board with sixty spaces to fill. My friends helped me fill in all 60 blocks with creative and inspiring goals and ‘bucket-list’ challenges that I am steadily checking off in my sixth decade!

The other gift was deeply empowering and ultimately led to WHO I AM NOW – today, on the edge of my 66th Birthday – a published author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, catalyst, and coach. My BFF, Michele, facilitated a full-day “My Big IdeaTM workshop for me and my Vitamin G party!

I hope you have a Vitamin G group as special and spectacular as I do! And if yours is not all that you deserve to ensure all your minutes count, I would like to help you!

The curated wisdom, wit, and true stories in “Who Am I Now? – Feminine Wisdom Unmasked Uncensored” is the perfect place to begin. Consider this as your womanual to vet, verify and cultivate your own Vitamin Gs and begin to write your own next chapter.

And please, join our posse at “Evolutionary Women group by The Encore Catalyst”. This is where we gather to share, support, and celebrate.

Vitamin G will add years of joy and fulfillment to your life!