The POWER of 28 - WHY is it a global sensation?

Nov 29, 2020

I am thrilled to be one of twenty-eight authors from around the globe that collaborated on the exciting project: THE POWER OF WHY - Book Two.  

If you have thought about creating your own online course but were not sure why it is worth the effort or how to get started, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You do not have to figure it out on your own!

That is the purpose of this project; our WHY – to share why each of us decided to create online courses and WHY YOU SHOULD TOO!

Current forecasts estimate the global online education market will generate more than $319 billion by the year 2025.

The Power of Why book details why twenty-eight women created online courses and why you should too.

 In October, I was honored to be invited to be part of an international project visioned by Purvi Tantia as part of her “Women With Wisdom” business group. Purvi, a multiple time Ted-Talk speaker, gathered the contributors, and curated and published this work.

Twenty-eight entrepreneurs generously share true and compelling stories about their why and their experience with creating online programs.  

The author cohort from all over the world have remarkably diverse backgrounds and motivations to share their feminine wisdom and make it accessible for so many others to benefit.

Immerse yourself in the chapters, take away what resonates with you and is relevant to the idea you may be nurturing.

The Power of WHY book is filled with insights, information, and honesty but this inspiring group of women did not stop at just creating a book!

Our collaboration and mutual support continue to create new opportunities and we “Lift As We Climb”!

The e-book will be available to purchase in December – perfectly timed for holiday giving and for you to create a vision for your future beyond 2020. *(stay in touch with me for Amazon release details very soon) *

Additionally, we created a FREE online summit featuring the authors of The Power of WHY so you may interact and ask us about the realities of being part of the knowledge industry that is growing exponentially every day!

Benefit from the collective wisdom of hundreds of thousands of hours and dollars invested by this group of online veterans and recent knowledge purveyors.

Register now for the POWER OF WHY SUMMIT online Thursday, December 3, 2020, starting 9:00AM EST.

Be sure to register with this LINK and have access to replays of the summit, Q & A and other fabulous resources!

I am inspired and energized when I collaborate with likeminded people to create something that is MUCH GREATER than our individual IMPACT.  

I believe you will be inspired also!

My chapter in the book tells how, at age sixty-five, I completely reinvented myself from trailblazing entrepreneur with an industrial business to an author, speaker, and catalyst for other femmepreneurs.

Freed from the limitations of a location commerce model, an online business model immediately increased my potential to inform, inspire and positively impact the clients I serve.  

The audience I reach urged me to launch an online learning portal; The Encore Academy, to enable me to do much more of two of my favorite WHYS:

  • help more women have a bigger VISION for their lives and SEE IT, BELIEVE IT & ACHIEVE IT!

 I am passionate about helping other women figure out their unique abilities, their purpose, and helping them create a clear vision for a life that they star in – their Encore!

My first online program, the Visual Encore Plan helps women achieve clarity and visualize outcomes for:

  • The kind of life you want to lead
  • The impact you want to have
  • What you are doing to create that impact
  • How you want to feel while you are experiencing this part of your life

An additional benefit of being part of this book and summit is the opportunity to get to know and collaborate with other smart and generous women, learn from their experiences and tacit knowledge, and create a global connection of women who are changing paradigms and making history  - or as I prefer to say – HERstory! 

THIS is the BOOK & SUMMIT you should have if:

  • You’ve thought about pivoting or starting an online business
  • The terminology, players and platforms confuse you
  • You aren’t sure if your idea will work as online content

Make 2021 your Encore year!

Isabel Banerjee


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