Happy New Year

transformation decoded who am i now Dec 15, 2016

Are you nearing retirement and considered what the future holds for you?

Do you feel stifled or trapped in a career that ceased to fulfill you long ago?

Are you disappointed with the status quo but confused by what to do about it?

A new beginning with a career change, starting a business or a new social project is a good way to re-ignite your passion for life. Imagine how you would feel doing something that you’ve longed to do for years!

Money, although a factor, shouldn’t be the first consideration when it comes to making a change. The important thing when you decide to start a new or a second, or third, or fourth career, is to do something that you feel passionate about.

People often think it is difficult to start over again and begin in a new role. In truth, yes, it is difficult.

But here is the key to success; get started and start with something you love!

When you figure out what your passion is, what truly drives you and makes you happy, what makes your heart sing - that is what you should pursue. The cues and clues are present in our thoughts every day.

The process of choosing your next and best role requires that you honestly evaluate yourself, figure out what makes you tick and take stock of your resources and risk. This takes some time and skill but the results are completely worth the effort.

You will have to prepare yourself for the peaks and valleys that come with making a life change. Mindset is essential. Embrace the changes that will come and:

  • prepare to be enthusiastic and engaged
  • prepare to build new pathways
  • prepare to be your own cheerleader
  • prepare to shed some beliefs, relationships and habits that will not serve the future you desire
  • Prepare to be Happy!

Believe that you are capable of anything because you are when you have a good plan and you monitor and measure progress regularly!

Adopting a positive attitude and projecting confidence builds not only your own confidence but others’ confidence in you. Let people close to you know that you are committed to your choice and encourage them to be part of your supporting cast and crew.

When you think it might be the time to make a change, that IS precisely the right time to make the change! Seize the opportunity to grow and learn. Don’t wait for a specific time or life event before you get started. Don’t talk yourself out of moving forward and then regret it later.

Open yourself up to the possibility that there is something better for you, an opportunity to discover and fulfill your new purpose in life. We all have something that motivates and inspires us. Think about what has been on your mind, set the stage, star in the role and enjoy the applause!

You are never too old or too young to make a change. It is always better when you make the choice to create opportunity on your schedule and your terms.

Let the present be your best present this holiday season!

Ring in 2016 with excitement about the opportunities you have to choose your encore!

Prepare to be Happy in the New Year!

Wishing you abundance, health and joy!