Expat Life in the Middle East with Amanda Sheldon - Part 1

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Introducing the first in a series of interviews and true stories:

Womanhood Wonderland – Feminine Explorers and Trailblazers!


My guest today is undeniably a Feminine Explorer and Trailblazer!

For the past ten years, Canadian Amanda Sheldon has lived and worked in the Middle East.

As mother and daughter, via Zoom video, we talk candidly about expat life and living overseas.

In 2010, Amanda Sheldon joined five other Brand Ambassadors for Williams-Sonoma Inc. to expand this iconic retailer’s footprint to the Middle East.

Based in Kuwait, Amanda’s role was to hire staff, establish brand practices, and open locations across the region.

The initial contract was for two years and required Amanda to pack up her life in Canada and move to a new and unfamiliar region without the comfort of friends or family.

Traveling more than 10,000 kilometres as a single female, Amanda challenged herself to embrace a quantum learning curve.

After the two-year term was complete, Amanda decided to stay on and further enrich her career experience.  Over ten years, she accepted opportunities to work with several international retail brands to expand their market share in all Gulf Countries, from Saudi Arabia to Qatar to Lebanon.

This interview was recorded just two weeks after Amanda has repatriated to Toronto, Canada, after a decade of working abroad as a female expat.

We accompany Amanda on her journey to uncover misconceptions and misinformation, and how she learned first-hand about life in the Middle conversation will give you a peek inside the world of ex-pat life and perhaps will inspire you to learn more about the diversity of opportunities across the globe.

We will continue our conversation over a series of these video interviews and encourage you to ask questions that we can explore in upcoming episodes.

Amanda graciously shared her tips for a successful expat transition. Request your free copy of Amanda’s Tips for Expats here.


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