Expat Life in the Middle East with Amanda Sheldon - Part 3

career diversity expat generation x travel womanhood wonderland Aug 20, 2020

Introducing the Number 3 in a series of interviews and true stories:

Womanhood Wonderland – Feminine Explorers and Trailblazers!

Canadian Amanda Sheldon joined the less than 1% club of young female expats and shared her experiences of living in the Middle East for ten years.

An expat’s life is an adventure and adapting to change is a required superpower!

As you can imagine, there are many differences between living and working in another part of the world versus Home Sweet Home.

However, some universal themes are constant, no matter where you roam.

In this interview with Amanda, we talk about how shopping malls maximize the use of real estate and are community hubs with up-levelled parking, multi-tasking, socializing, skiing, and sky diving built-in!

We discuss the pros and cons of vacation time and a six-day workweek and why TGIF has more significance.

Hospitality, customer service, and customer engagement are core behaviours and fundamental to recruiting, hiring, and training practices.

And we discuss how some expressions, like: ‘Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It’, are hard to translate in other cultures.

We will continue our conversation over a series of these video interviews and encourage you to ask questions that we can explore in upcoming episodes.

Amanda graciously shared her tips for a successful Ex-pat transition. Request your free copy of Amanda’s Tips for Expats here.

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I would love to interview more women and add their stories and insights into our collective feminine wisdom.

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PS: The contest and book give-way mentioned near the end of the interview has now ended, however the book is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle formats at www.whoaminowbook.com