Expat Life in the Middle East with Amanda Sheldon - Part 2

career diversity expat generation x travel womanhood wonderland Aug 19, 2020

Introducing the second in a series of interviews and true stories:

Womanhood Wonderland – Feminine Explorers and Trailblazers!

For the past ten years, Canadian Amanda Sheldon, has lived and worked in the Middle East. 

We accompany Amanda on her journey to uncover misconceptions and misinformation, and how she learned firsthand about life in the Middle East, its people, and cultural practices. This informative and upbeat conversation will give you a peek inside the world of expat life, and perhaps, will inspire you to learn more about the diversity of opportunities around the world.

From the mundane to the mysterious, and peppered with questions only a mother might ask, listen in to this interview as we discussed the reality of safety, driving, dining, potholes and more.

Unfiltered and fresh, this a perspective on living, working and travelling in and around the many, unique and distinct countries and cultures with the Persian Gulf Region.

Hear first-hand how Amanda integrated into a multi-cultural work environment and expanded her knowledge and appreciation for diversity, inclusion and the advantages of a rich cultural mosaic.

Did you know that most western and European brands, including retail brands like Pottery Barn and food and beverage icons like Tim Horton’s are established all over the Middle East?

We talk about dishdashas, the traditional garments worn by Arab men and subtle nuances in customs and traditions.

We hope this shakes up some negative stereotypes and inspires an interest to learn and experience more yourself.

We will continue our conversation over a series of these video interviews and encourage you to ask questions that we can explore in upcoming episodes. 

Amanda graciously shared her tips for a successful Ex-pat transition. Request your free copy of Amanda’s Tips for Expats here.


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I would love to interview more women and add their stories and insights into our collective feminine wisdom.

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