Courage To Challenge Myself

baby boomer women blog encore international women's day womanhood wonderland Mar 08, 2021
Podcast Premiere International Women's Day March 8th Lift As You Climb

I am beginning a new encore today.

With stage fright and butterflies, I am stepping into the spotlight again, in a new and different way. This is another step in my evolution as a woman.

Just like the chapter in my book I’ve Never Been This Me Before – this is a virgin voyage onto public airways – my voice, my stories, my thoughts and my questions.

My first podcast has been submitted to Apple Podcasts.

Somewhere behind an internet curtain, a powerful i-wizard holds the power to decide if my show premise is worthy of sharing to the world, if anyone would want to listen, if my content matters.

My ego is quaking in her little suede boots. She’s trying hard to pull me back, keep me safe, keep me irrelevant. My ego has enlisted the help of her friends, Limiting Beliefs, and Imposter Syndrome.

I purposefully chose March 8th to launch my show publicly.

Inspired by International Women’s Day and motivated by the many, many courageous women around the world that are celebrated on this date, I am facing my fear and embracing this year’s theme “Courage To Challenge”.

I am challenging my insecurity, my perfectionism, and the paradigms that no longer serve me, women everywhere and our civilization.

'A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.

So let's all choose to challenge.

How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women's achievement.

Raise awareness against bias.

Take action for equality.'

Inspired by a lifetime of asking ‘Who Am I Now?’, continuously embracing new roles, responsibilities, relationships and revelations about my values, purpose, and impact; this podcast is another wild ride through Womanhood Wonderland.

Buckle up, throw your arms in the air, and get ready to laugh, cry, challenge, and maybe even scream “I thought it was just me!”

In this premier episode, I lay a foundation for five themes for future exploration:

Experience – what is your accumulated lifetime wisdom value?

Evolution – is your vision for loving life expanding or contracting?

Essence – will the real YOU please stand up now?

Economy – with ‘Plenty to Spare and Plenty to Share’ – what legacy would you live right now?

Encore – do you have an expiry date or are you ready to star in the next part of your life?