Retirement Mirage

A major segment of the population is on the cusp of change and transition. Many of us who strive for this pinnacle are disappointed and unprepared for the reality of the retirement mirage that enticed us. Many of us will live longer than the resources we currently have to sustain the lifestyle vision that kept us plodding forward. Even more of our generation will experience the emptiness of lack of purpose and identity. The Encore Catalyst pulls back the curtain to reveal how we can star in our encores and love the life we design!

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We’d worked long and hard to get to this ‘freedom’ stage of life only to be disappointed, sometimes shocked at reality versus expectation. I refer to this as The Retirement MirageTM.


I am Isabel Banerjee, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Catalyst and example that extra-ordinary things are possible if you believe and you take action!

I learned by trying, doing, failing and starting again. I worked my way up from single teen mother to celebrated business owner. I built an 8 figure, global, industrial chemical business with only a high school diploma and a thirst for knowledge.

Now, to serve others, I share what I’ve learned over my lifetime and from 50+ years of business experience. I share candidly what I learned that worked and perhaps, more importantly, what did not work.

It is very rewarding for me to be catalyst as a business advisor, a facilitator of peer advisory boards and through speaking and leading workshops and programs with The Encore CatalystTM and My Big IdeaTM.

I am passionate about maximizing individual and business potential for success. I understand that success has different meanings to each of us.

I like to work with individuals to uncover a bigger vision of what is possible and to create the strategies to implement plans of action to achieve it.

As a Catalyst, my role is to facilitate change of existing circumstances and influences and to generate new or better outcomes.

Whether, I am working with one person, a company or a group, my greatest reward comes from helping them create a plan that aligns with their core values which are constant, and their abilities and resources that evolve with time and experience.

The same principles for growth and sustainability apply on a personal level and within organizations. Having clarity of vision, the ability to articulate the vision and the path that leads to it, enables everyone; leader or participant, to know their purpose, understand their value and how to leverage their own unique strengths to achieve goals.

We’d worked long and hard to get to this ‘freedom’ stage of life only to be disappointed, sometimes shocked at reality versus expectation. I refer to this as The Retirement MirageTM.

We had a basic set of instructions for the first five or six decades of our lives. We knew generally what was expected of us and how to keep score.

The radical disruption of retirement; chosen or enforced, or the displacement of major roles and relationships can leave us feeling lost and without enough preparation before and less support after to navigate to a new purpose and identity.

I created The Encore Catalyst method, based on my own experiences and challenges and years of observation and research.


When You Reach the End of The Script: Are you ready for an encore?

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Rob Pascale, PhD, a retired pollster and author of The Retirement Maze. “When we talked to people near retirement but still working, 75% believed that their quality of life in retirement would improve, but only 40% of retirees found that it actually did.”