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baby boomer identity crisis lift as you climb retirement transformation decoded who am i now Mar 04, 2020

I've been called the Mistress of Transformation & Reinvention. I embrace that title as empowering but also a responsibility.


A woman’s life is fertile with opportunities to change, grow and reinvent!


My own journey has been filled with many tours, detours and ‘Oh My Goddess! I did not see THAT coming!’ experiences.


Full disclosure: Not all my life’s adventures and opportunities started as my idea. In fact, some of my roles happened to me or were forced upon me, and sometimes, I resisted and struggled with the change.


You might think that my story has almost come to an end at age 65, traditionally the age that our generation was expected to retire or begin our descent into obsolescence . . . Vroom Vroom!


Rather than winding down, my story is picking up speed!


I celebrated my ‘un-retirement’ by publishing a book titled “Who Am I Now? - Feminine Wisdom Unmasked Uncensored”. The book is a very candid disclosure about the multiple roles I have been cast in throughout my life and the identity crisis that led to the creation of my Encore philosophy.


My book expanded to embrace the stories of nineteen other evolutionary women who generously shared the wisdom they earned through lifetimes of growth and self-development.


Whether change is welcomed or uninvited, I believe we can write a new script for our lives and star in our encore roles even as we continue to evolve as individuals.

Buy the book, read the entire story at www.WhoAmINowBook.com, and learn how a farm girl, with only a high school diploma, built an eight-figure global business. You may also be curious to read the chapter entitled ‘Serial Wife’, but I think of even greater interest will be the story of what I plan to do next.

My personal struggle and recovery from what I termed 'Identity Crisis Syndrome', inspired me to create The Encore Catalyst (www.TheEncoreCatalyst.com) in 2015.

Initially, my focus was on Baby Boomers on the verge of or recently retired from long-term careers or roles. My Encore process helped individuals navigate through the ‘Retirement Mirage’ to the clarity of who they wanted to become next.

As a mentor and coach of hundreds of women professionals, business owners and leaders, I realized that reinvention and transformation happen many times in a woman’s life, not just at retirement.

Fueled by my own experience and the urging of women I coached, I refined the Encore process to support ‘Evolutionary Women’ – women ready to design and direct their own fulfilling future and live their legacy.

I also continue to evolve, create and grow as a woman and stakeholder of this planet. My personal creed is “Lift As You Climb!” and I am grateful to all that extend a hand to help me.

After sixty-five revolutions around the sun, I’ve started a movement to amplify and cultivate feminine wisdom around the world. I am motivated to help women decode transformation, change paradigms and thrive with communities of like-minded ‘evolutionaries’.

To serve more women around the globe and make The Encore Catalyst available in any time zone and every day, I founded The Encore Academy (www.TheEncoreAcademy.com), an eLearning, knowledge platform and curation of feminine wisdom.

The Encore Academy is a single portal for self-education, targeted training and resources to support women as they continue to evolve and Be More!

My mission is to inspire women to step forward into the spotlight, leverage their tacit knowledge and experience and transform lives, starting with their own.

Together, we can make the world a better place for all.

I am not a militant feminist, but I am convinced that we are overdue for more nurturing, inclusive and collaborative ways of caring for humanity, diversity, economies and the environment that sustains us.

Women are half of the world’s population, but we gave life to 100% of its citizens.

It is vital for women to step forward as catalysts for positive change.

It’s our time and our turn to lead like the wise feminine forces that we are.

Isabel Banerjee
Transformation Catalyst

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